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Do Local Brands Deserve Your Love?


Do Local Brands Deserve Your Love?

Sarah, Editor.    January 26, 2017

If you believe that local products should be cheap and don’t deserve to be priced higher – You should reconsider this notion. Many people are willing to pay a premium for imported goods even if the same thing is sold by a local brand. Here’s what you’re essentially paying for, using the example of a bar of soap:

With $15 – $20, you can buy a local branded soap from a specialist artisan made with premium ingredients or an imported bar of soap of acceptable but not premium quality. How is this so? Consider the middle men, shipping, customs and other expenses involved in bringing the imported soap to you. The $20 is diluted and what you’re essentially paying for is a soap that’s worth $5 of $5 quality. If you bought local, your $20 goes to the artisan, sometimes a middle man and the rest of the money goes into premium ingredients to bring you a premium product.

So! What I’m getting at is this: Would you want to pay an inflated amount for a product that isn’t worth that or would you want to get more value for your money by enjoying a premium local product?

We vet our artisans and chemists and we ensure that they create premium products with premium ingredients so that our customers get the best value for their money. No doubt our products aren’t cheap, but you can be sure that if you wanted to buy an imported product of the same quality, it’ll cost much more.

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