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How To: Green Therapy


How To: Green Therapy

Juliana Sim, 24 Saturn Life Stylist.    February 16, 2017

According to Colour Therapy experts, green relates to the heart. Green is also a balancing colour and brings about an aura of harmony and a love of nature and self. All these positive descriptions easily make me green with envy (pun intended)! So how does one “Green Therapy?” We can start by “Seeing Green!” Surround yourself with green. At home, you can create windowsill gardens, balcony gardens and herb gardens to create your own green space to hide away or just a place to renew your spirits.

Windowsill gardens are the perfect solution to short-of-space homes. Create a garden where you never knew you had room for one. I find the following article on the ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ website very informative and helpful in guiding a first-time windowsill gardener http://www.bhg.com/gardening/houseplants/projects/windowsill-gardens/

 (credit: http://www.bhg.com)

On our Facebook page, we have also shared an article on how to set up a home garden in your balcony. It may turn out to be the best therapy you have ever experienced! Sowing these seeds, watching over the young seedlings and finally tasting the fruits of your labour!

(credit: http://www.decoist.com)

If you think a garden is too big a commitment, we have ideas for your coffee table too.

(credit: http://www.contemporist.com/11-of-the-best-plants-to-have-on-your-coffee-table/)

At the office, see green with cacti and other succulents which will thrive nicely in the adverse conditions of an office environment http://homeguides.sfgate.com/type-cactus-desk-92315.html

(credit: http://www.gardensillustrated.com)

(credit: http://www.contemporist.com)

Which brings me to another point – HOW TO: GREEN THERAPY for our skin!

Green is about harmony and is a balancing colour. It is about loving and nurturing ourselves. I have learned to rely on the same theory in skin care too. I want to ensure that my skin benefits from natural ingredients, real vitamins and less fillers. That’s why I love using the 24 Saturn Vitamin Boost which has an optimal 10% pharmaceutical grade pure vitamin C and natural antioxidants to neutralize skin damaging free radicals formed in the skin every day. Skin collagen is boosted and cells repaired. I use Matte Hydrate in the day which keeps my skin grease-free and hydrated. I appreciate that pure hyaluronic acid (known to attract up to 1,000 times its weight in water) is the main ingredient.

And at the end of each day, enjoy Green Therapy with a walk in the park or the neighbourhood garden. Interestingly, a recent study found that more than 70% of adults who participated in “Green Therapy” had a lower risk of depression than those who were window shopping at a local shopping centre. Approximately 71% of individuals reported that they felt less tense after a “Green Walk” while 50% of individuals reported that their feelings of tension increased after walking through a shopping centre.

Walking, breathing in fresh air and simply just getting one’s breathing rhythm in sync may truly be the escape and therapy that city dwellers need, an antidote to the stresses of urban life.

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