Benefits Of Becoming A Conscious Consumer


Benefits Of Becoming A Conscious Consumer

Sarah, Editor.    November 01, 2016

When it comes to skincare, although you can’t go wrong with natural ingredients, not all natural ingredients are going to give you a desired effect. Having the right combination and quantity determines efficacy. Grinding an apple into a pulp and spreading it on your face and calling it a face mask isn’t going to do anything for you.

A “Triple Berry” antioxidant exfoliating face mask with seeds may sound very attractive, but a touch of berry essence isn’t exactly going to give your skin antioxidant effects although eating a ton of berries would. Vitamin E and vitamin C are known skin antioxidants and even so, a skincare product has to have a concentration of 10% vitamin C to be effective.

Microbeads in your exfoliating products are not biodegradable and are polluting the oceans, they are banned in the US and the UK. Use a biodegradable exfoliant like salt and sugar.

It’s never bad to become a conscious consumer.

Tons of brands out there belong to just a handful of conglomerates that monopolize a certain industry. This means millions are spent every year trying to reach consumers through advertising, hoping to stay relevant and provoke brand recall.

When a product is being hyped up with a multi million dollar marketing budget, does it mean it’s good for you?

I’m beginning to see that people are numb to the hype and preferring to do their own research online or buying products because of a personal recommendation from a friend. The benefit of being a conscious consumer is knowing what works and what doesn’t. Sure, it takes a little homework to get familiar with something you don’t normally get familiar with but when it comes to your health, it’s something worth studying for.

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